Saru Sushi in Noe

On the Noe Valley side of 24th Street rests a sushi shop which, like the neighborhood itself, has undergone many changes. The sushi chef at the newest establishment, Saru Sushi, creates sushi using modern techniques and experiments with ingredient combinations. Seeing as it is so difficult to find traditional sushi bars that focus on making just nigiri, not funky fusion rolls, I embraced the creativity of this meal. Some rolls were forgettable and a little generic, such as “The Rainbow” roll. However, “The Naked Scallop” roll blew my mind! Filled with snow crab, avocado, scallops, masago, and wrapped with soy paper, the whole thing just melted in my mouth and left me yearning for more. I found the ambiance of the place quite charming, though it is best to go with just one other person. The restaurant does not seat many people and it is popular which also makes it quite crowded (yes, even on a “school night”). Unlike most other sushi bars, there are not any opportunities to interact with the sushi chef. Fortunately I had a good food buddy with me to join me on my quest for great sushi in SF.

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