About Me

I am known among my friends as a “San Franciscus Nativus”, a rare species of a 20-something year old who not only resides in San Francisco, but was born in the city as well. Being from San Francisco, one may say it is in my genes to be a foodie. I am constantly trying to find the most delicious and creative food destinations in the city. To me, food is about community as well as taste. Nothing brings people together in the same way food does; the need to consume food is something that everyone has in common.



Currently, I work as a gourmet food tour guide for Gourmet Walks and on the Customer Happiness team at Instacart. Some of my hobbies include photography, riding my bike to goat farms, cooking for friends, tasting chocolate, yoga, and traveling on a whim.

903739_10101527595867464_460025348_oYou can contact me at:

Shane Fallon


Or follow me at:

 Shane Fallon

4 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi Grant: Thank you for checking out my food blog! I am very interested in writing for aSmallTrip.com. What is your email address? Looking forward to discussing a potential partnership.

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