Catering to the caffeinated coffee lovers of San Francisco, Sightglass’s new spot on Alabama and 20th Street has found a cozy home for itself. Literally across the street from my beloved Atlas Cafe, Sightglass lays its emphasis on coffee, not food. Encased in a newly remodeled space with high ceilings and giant windows, hipster baristas prepare delicious coffee drinks and hot chocolate.

Sightglass, an independent coffee company from San Francisco, is part of the “Third Wave” coffee movement. They recognize that coffee beans are a seasonal fruit, so they search all over the world for the best beans from small farms that produce tiny harvests. Every cup is made to order and you will find that every drink has a unique finishing touch crafted by the barista artist on-hand.

IMG_2732 copy

Additionally, Sightglass wisely decided to partner with B. Patisserie and Piccino Cafe to pair their satisfying drinks with scrumptious pastries. Even with a limited selection, it was hard to choose! We split a savory kimchi morning bun with gruyere & sesame from Piccino Cafe. Though it is unlikely I would order it again, I found it to be tasty in an unusual way.

IMG_2736 copy

IMG_2724 copy






I much preferred the more traditional pastry prepared by the classical French bakery from B. Patisserie. This seasonal fruit muffin had bits of pear in the sweet and supple dough, which was sprinkled with sugar.

IMG_2719 copy

This is a perfect spot on a rainy morning with a good book on hand or magazine. If you have yet to discover this coffee shop, probably in part because they do not even have a sign above their door, then it is worth visiting.


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